Nourished U’s comprehensive workshop sessions can cater to small groups, individuals, families, corporate events, small business offices, cooking classes – Nourished U has a workshop to suit all scenarios and requirements!

Our workshops help attendees learn about food and nutrition in a relaxed, immersive and socially interactive environment. Lisa can run sessions in your home, office, or pre-agreed space or event.

Workshops can focus on a range of topics, which include:

  • Family nutrition (for children, parents, grandparents and more)
  • Gluten and dairy free cooking
  • Myth busting buzzwords, nutrition labels and fads
  • Safe weight management practises
  • Using meal planning to save time and money
  • Using ‘in season’ foods
  • Understanding how diet affects mental health
  • Raw food, vegetarian and vegan diet management
  • Pre-pregnancy, pregnancy and post pregnancy nutrition
  • Healthy habits and practices for workplace wellness
  • Chronic disease management through improved nutrition

Most importantly though, all of our workshops are unique – which means they’re tailored to what you’d like to see, hear, taste or learn during the session. Get in touch with Lisa today and let her know how what type of workshop works for you!