Lifestyle Audit

Why would I want to be audited?

Unlike the Tax Office, a Lifestyle Audit is about making life less stressful.

Lifestyle Audits are also perfect for those who struggle to be honest about their nutrition, or for time poor people who want to kickstart their new program with a bang.  If you have doubts about how well you’ll be able to navigate grocery shopping, budgeting, time management or even your own pantry at the beginning of your program, then a Lifestyle Audit is for you!

A Lifestyle Audit involves a “Kitchen Cleanse” session and/or “Food Store Education” tour.

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Kitchen Cleanse

A Kitchen Cleanse session is where Lisa visits your kitchen and encourages change for a healthier ‘nutritional’ story.

Perfect for people that need an extra push, the Kitchen Cleanse is a guided process where you’ll eliminate everything within your home that’s holding you back – setting up a temptation free environment that you can leave feeling positive in the morning, and come back to feeling accomplished at night. The session also includes discussion for online whole foods ordering, a pantry essentials handout guide and loads of real information.

Kitchen Cleanse duration: 90 minutes

Kitchen Cleanse cost: $250 (travel costs may apply depending on your location)

Food Store Education Tour

A Food Store Education Tour is where a Lisa leads you through the scene of many nutritional crimes – the grocery shop. Based on your budget and your lifestyle, Lisa can take a local (subject to location and session length) grocery stores to illustrate how you can learn to make the best shopping decisions no matter what your situation is. This session includes information about:

  • Reading nutrition labels
  • How to identify ‘healthy’ snack traps and navigate temptations
  • Tips for buying in bulk
  • Going gluten free, vegan or vegetarian without taking out a second mortgage

Food Store Education Tour duration: 60 – 90 minutes (dependent on location and session length)

Food Store Education Tour cost: $195 per session (travel costs may apply depending on your location)