What is a food coach?

A Food Coach is a Nutrition specialist. They don’t just give you general advice about healthy eating, they also take into account your specific goals, lifestyle, health history and personal circumstances before creating the right program for you. When you work with a Nutritional Food Coach, you’re getting a holistic health service that will give you long term success and ongoing rewards – this means no quick fixes or unsustainable fads that land you right back where you started. Food and Nutrition Coaches take a hands on approach to health, making sure the medicinal, healing powers of food can be incorporated into the lives of every client who comes their way. The overarching goal of a Nutritional Food Coach is to set you up for life, providing you with the tools for a lifetime of nourishment. See how a Food Coach can work with you.

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Nourished who?

Certified by the International Food and Nutrition Coaching Institute of Australia, Lisa Saunders is the founder and driving force behind Nourished U. She holds a Diploma of Food and Nutrition Coaching and a Diabetes 2 Nutritional Advisor certification.  Always keen to further her food and nutrition knowledge, Lisa is currently undertaking certifications in Gut Health Management and Low Toxin Living.

Lisa specialises in coaching clients who want to better manage conditions such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, coeliac disease and irritable bowel syndrome – with expert knowledge in meat free, dairy free, gluten free and vegetarian/vegan diets. A passionate, family focused woman, over the years Lisa has studied extensively, climbed the corporate ladder and experienced the challenges and demands of being a working parent.

After encountering her own health issues and finding relief through better nutrition, Lisa believes everyone has the right to know what food can do for their bodies, and for their health. Lisa started Nourished U as an avenue to educate, inform and guide clients through the process of incorporating the ‘Food is Medicine’ approach seamlessly into their lives. From busy office workers with a bloating issue they’ve been ignoring for months, to time poor parents with teenagers who have suddenly gone potato chip vegan, Nourished U caters to people from all over the health and wellness spectrum. Based in Melbourne, Lisa is working with individuals and groups through workshops, one on one coaching and other supportive services.

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